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BPS - Black Matte 7" to 12" in Height

BPS - Black Matte 7" to 12" in Height

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These laser engravable brass plated steel plates are custom cut in 1 inch increments up to 12 inches on either side. Included is your choice of an adhesive tape backing or drilled holes for attaching or mounting the plate.

These plates are intended for indoor use unless otherwise noted.
Plate: Brass Plated Steel
Color: Black
Engraved Color: Gold
Sizes: Increment Sizes: 7" in height to 12" in height
Thickness: .015"
Mounting Options: Adhesive Tape, Drilled Holes
Customization:  Laser Engravable
Engraving Limitations: Use size discretion on image/text placement
Engraving Fee: Free - Unlimited Words
Add An Image: Free - Stock Images
$10   - New Image Fee
Practice Different Fonts for Your Engraved Text

Script Syle Fonts

Elegant fonts that are perfect for any type of text or occasion.

Monogram Syle Fonts

Classic style fonts that are perfect for monograms.

Traditional Style Fonts

These fonts are great for mulitple lines of text.

* The fonts available for these previews are the fonts available for customizing this item.
* Font Previews may not display correctly on browsers other than Chrome.
* Most item font choices are based on Microsoft Office font names.
* If you have a font that you would like to use that is not listed, please make a note of the font name in the Add Info box, during customization, and we will see if we have that one.

General Help


  • All measurements in Item Descriptions are listed as Width x Height x Depth (Thickness) unless otherwise noted.
  • Each inch of height on an engravable area equals about 2 lines of text with a 12 point font.
  • Each inch in width equals about 7 characters in a 12 point font.
  • The more characters and lines there are used, the smaller the font size becomes to accommodate the text.
  • Engraving limitations are placed on items based on being able to have a minimum readable size font.
  • We will automatically adjust and center your engraving text based on the amount of text you want and the available Engravable Area.
Please customize your text according to your Engravable Area size given in the Item Description tab.


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