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Image Requirements & Fees

General Info

Logo artwork used for laser engraving into various products must be in an acceptable format to ensure good quality results in the laser engraved image. The process used for laser engraving is different from the process used for printing on your printer. An image that looks good on a printer, may not engrave well on a product.

Printers can handle grayscales of artwork, which creates a smoothing effect in the printed result. Laser engraving using a burning technique to burn the image into the product and thus burns each pixel, regardless of shade level found in grayscale images.

When it comes to choosing an image for laser engraving, the key thing to remember is the resolution of your image. The larger the resolution is set to, the better the quality when we size it down to fit on your award. Recommended resolution, is around 1200 x 1200.


What We Need

Here at Specialty Trophy & Awards, we understand that most people are not aware of the complexity of image file extensions, or even what they mean. But, at minimum everyone knows what a .jpg or .png image is. Most of our mobile devices take pics in one of those formats. So, we are supplying information also for those who know a little more about image file types.

For laser engraving, the optimum file formats include the following:

TIFF: No Grayscale and should be in a minimum of 300 DPI resolution.

Other formats: CorelDraw projects, Adobe Illustrator projects, EPS, PDF vector artwork are the most useful and of the highest quality.

Sometimes, if you had a graphic designer design your logo they will have a copy of one of the above file formats. If anything, they will have a TIFF image of your logo.


What You Can Do

If you don’t have access to these and only have a .jpg or .png file, we will take good quality and high resolution files of this type. These images may incur additional charges to convert them to usable artwork. We will notify you about any additional charges prior to completing your order.

If you are emailing your order, or sending the image via email, please send the file as an attachment and not embedded into the body of the email or in a document.

If this is the first time that you have given us a certain image to use for customization, then there is a one time only set up New Image Fee of $10.00. All subsequent orders after that use this image will not be charged again for this fee.