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Phrasing Examples for Engraving


Here we have supplied some commonly used engraving phrases that you can choose from if you are just not sure what to put on that award, or gift. Whether it be a large amount of engraving, like for a plaque, or even a small amount for a desk clock, we have given you some great pointers and ideas here.

Some key things to remember when putting phrases together:

John Doe:    The name of the recipient
Outstanding Service:   The reason for the award
Family Local Store:   The name of the person or group presenting the award
June, 2015:   The date the award will be presented


We are adding new categories of phrases to this new website on a regular basis. If you are still not sure what to do about your phrasing, or any other design help that you need, we would be more than happy to take on that task for you and completely design your item for you.

See our Design Services for more information.