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Existing Customers with Tax Exempt Status
If you are an existing Tax Exempt Customer with us, and this is your first online order, we have created a temporary account that you can use today to ensure that your entire order is tax free.

  • 1)  Please Log In Below Using:


    Password: taxexempt

  • 2)   When you reach the Checkout page, you will need to change the shipping address if you are getting your order shipped to you. If you are picking your order up at the store, then you can leave the default address.
  • 3)   If you are paying with a credit card, on the payment screen you will need to tick “Use Different Billing Address.”
  • 4)   Register for your own online account

After your first order is completed, you can then register for your own online account and we will mark that account tax exempt for all of your future orders.

New Customers Requesting Tax Exempt Status
You will need to submit a Tax Exempt Request Form and wait for approval before ordering. Approval time is about 1 business day after submitting proper documentation.

Apply Here for Tax Exempt Status

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